3 Websites To Have Open To Earn $100s Extra Every Month

There are a few websites I always have open that I use to make a little bit of extra money each day. Some weeks I can earn as much as $300 extra.

The way I use these sites is alongside my freelance writing career which tethers me to my desk for most of the day. I regularly check the sites for new opportunities and I’m able to make good money doing it.

I wouldn’t recommend these as opportunities instead of a proper job but if you have the time to do them — there’s lots of money to be made.


Prolific is hands down the best survey site available. In fact, you should sacrifice all other sites for Prolific. The pay here is decent and they make every effort to pay participants a fair price.

Unlike other survey sites like Swagbucks or Qmee which pay you the bottom of the barrel prices, Prolific surveys usually meet or exceed minimum wage. The website is available for people in most countries so if you’re not already on the site, head over and sign up.

You will need to fill out some information about yourself which will help you to match with new studies. Regularly check back as they add new questions all the time which can help you secure additional studies.

Prolific is an academic research website and they sometimes have market research studies too. The topics are usually genuinely quite interesting with lengths ranging from 1 minute to 60 minutes. The average pay works out to be around £7.50 per hour spent working on the site.

New studies are released all the time so it’s best to keep the website open all the time. There is a lot more work on the site than there used to be. It is quite easy to make £100 every week.


Serpclix is a platform that will between $0.05-$0.10 per click and all your need to do is Google websites and click through to their webpage. It’s not inundated with work but considering how easy it is it’s worth having open.

I make around $30–50 each month using Serpclix which just sits open on my desktop. They notify me whenever there is a new job and I click through and wait for around 90 seconds and it’s done.

As far as side hustle goes this one is cheap and cheerful. It doesn’t take much energy and is perfect for those who are sat at their desk for long periods of the day.


UserTesting is the best side hustle you could ask for, good pay, interesting work, and plenty of it. This is all about providing on-page user experience feedback for a wide variety of brands.

They accept people from most countries as long as you have a really good command of spoken English. It’s really important to be able to speak your thoughts clearly to provide value for the companies.

You need to do a practice test before they will let you through to the dashboard and secure work.

They have a star rating system that determines how many tests you can see. You should try to maintain a 5-star rating to get the most amount of tests. If you are quick to grab assignments you can make a lot of money here.

I make $300–400 each month from UserTesting but some people make a full-time living on the site. I wouldn’t personally rely on it for all of my income as the work isn’t guaranteed. However, it is an excellent site to have open while I write away.

Tests are usually between 5 and 20 minutes long and they pay $10 per test. They also have live conversation tests where you can earn as much as $60 per test.

Final Thoughts

I like these options as side hustles because they are not big commitments. I can pick up the work as and when I please. The money is good for all of them and they help me to bolster my bank account each month.

I want to continue to focus on building my online brand and identity. Personally, I don’t want to take on any heavy-duty side hustles that require a lot of time and energy to maintain.

Simple things like testing companies’ websites and helping academic research are really rewarding. I find the pay to be great and it takes the pressure of how much writing I need to do each month to make rent.

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