5 Billion Sales Review – All You Should Know

If you’ve ever earned money online, then you definitely know nothing comes easy. That’s why I was surprised when I heard that 5 Billion Sales is planning to pay folks to do absolutely nothing. So, I went through several 5 Billion Sales reviews to try and see if there’s a catch.

There weren’t many of them that made me write to help someone who may want to know more about the company. This review post covers everything you need to know about 5 Billion Sales, including whether it is legit or a scam, how it works, worthy of joining or not, and more.

What is 5 Billion Sales?

5 Billion Sales, found online at, is a free online platform that claims to give users a chance to make money online. It’s not just a few dollars; they promise a share of $500 billion commission to their members. The idea behind the high commission is based on their statement on its website that they’ve monetized various internet activities that five billion people across the world do every day. Through this strategy, 5 Billion Sales has promised each member using their platform $400 and an additional $100 whether they
invite someone else. The earning figures are very high to the point that you’re likely to doubt their model. At least with data
monetizing platforms like the Tapestri app, a realistic business model can be seen.

How it works

Joining 5 Billion Sales is free at least for the pre-launch period. You immediately get a back office where you’ll manage your network. Yes, for the program to run, they’ll need more users, and that’s why they’re trying to attract as many people as possible. The registration process requires just the basic details such as email address, username, sponsor ID, etc. You can also opt to join via Facebook or Google. After joining, you’ll get a referral ID that you can use to invite others to join the platform. The people invited directly are placed on level one. When the direct referrals invite others, the invited persons will account for the Level 2 downlines. This chain continues to Level 16, which is the last level.

Since 5 Billion Sales isn’t launched yet, they’ve not given out the services they’ll be offering. According to their website, the reason behind this is to prevent copycats who may take their idea and implement it.

How will you earn?

Although the methods of earning will be clear after its launch, 5 Billion Sales has listed some of the ways its members will make money. It majorly revolves around the referral program, which is MLM structured.

The platform pays you for both using it and inviting other people. There are two services, both with commissions and overrides.

Service 1

It has a total of 5 billion available commissions to be shared. For each user you refer, you get paid a commission worth $100. This is repeated after every 12 months. Ideally, if you’ve 15 direct downlines, that’s $1500 every year. For all the other downlines in your 16-level network, the payment is referred to as override. It’s a constant $5 override per indirect referral. This is also paid after every 12 months.

Service 2

Service 2 has $1B available commissions for all the members. The money is purported to be generated from profit share from activities such as affiliate programs, sales platforms, membership programs, and more.

Source: 5BillionSales

The first commission is $10 for each client in the service. Another recurring profit share commission between $200 and $1000 is also earned in this service. ~ 91% As for overrides, for each client, you get $1 and a recurring profit share override between $10 and $50.

Scam or legit

Based on the current information, there is no way of concluding if 5 Billion Sales is legit or a scam. However, the high payouts might act as a red flag since they’ve not clearly defined how the company will generate enough revenue to pay all its members’ such amounts. Not forgetting the owner or people behind the company are unknown.

The Multi-Level-Marketing structure of the company also raises doubts about its legitimacy. This is given that they have not given any product or service being offered, which raises the question if 5 Billion Sales is a pyramidal scheme? I currently don’t trust their model due to its unrealistic returns.

Is it worth joining?

Joining 5 Billion Sales or other make-money platforms is usually a personal choice. Some of the factors considered include investment required in terms of money and time, ways of earning, legitimacy of the company, and more. Since the site is free during its pre-launch, there’s no harm in joining 5 Billion Sales if you trust them.

The key thing to consider is the time since you might waste a lot of time inviting people, and then they end up scamming people. On the other hand, if it turns out to be legit, you’ll have lost a golden opportunity. Since there are other already paying opportunities such as Vindale Research jobs, there’s no need to waste much time with 5 Billion Sales which you aren’t sure if it’s legit. Perhaps one benefit of 5 Billion Sales is its availability to everybody across the world. The scarcity of online jobs in some countries attracts more people to join the company. However, some programs such as Surveytime pays people to answer surveys, and it’s also available worldwide.

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