6 Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate marketing can be a prospering passive income channel if you follow sound, practical tips diligently. Imagine earning online profits on the work of other entrepreneurs. Far from being some sleezy online leech, all parties prosper. Affiliates profit by selling what others created but the creator profits by making another sale through your affiliate sale. Creators and affiliates win through a mutual effort. I seem to come across more folks doing the affiliate marketing thing these days. Some struggle due to AWOL mentors. Others cannot figure out how they are screwing up. Never get it twisted; affiliates put in work.

  • selecting affiliate products and services meeting the needs of their community
  • creating rich content designed to solve reader problems
  • networking generously to expand their presence online

I want to help you make more money through affiliate channels by sharing my experiences with doing a wee bit of affiliate marketing. I have sold products on Expertnaire. Never get it twisted; affiliates put in work.

1: Sell Early and Often

Selling early and often is a direct way to make money through affiliate marketing because shy marketers fade away while clear marketers make money. Maybe you make nothing over 3 months but 6 months down the road you keep selling daily and increase sales. Stay in the game. Sell early and often. No affiliate marketer needs to promote self endlessly, per se, but most require persistent self-promotion to knife through money fears in mind. Imagine someone purging fears fueling struggles through the simple act of putting yourself and your affiliate offerings out there, again and again and again. Persistently promote your offerings. Help yourself and help your readers by frequently offering solutions to their problems through your affiliate products.

2: Do Homework on Your Mentor

Do homework on your affiliate marketing mentor to ensure the person is skilled, compassionate and responsive because you will need their help on your journey. Pay close attention to how mentors interact with their community. Ah….the vanishing affiliate mentor. Someone promises big profits but refers you to manuals or forums or any entity other than the mentor themselves. I understand how affiliate mentors give maximum energy to scale and become super busy, but I help people who buy my stuff. I do little coaching these days but direct people to blog posts, videos or other resources if they buy my stuff and ask questions. Does a pro:

  • answer questions on social media?
  • reply to emails?
  • reply to comments?

Cut mentors some slack in response times because top affiliates work a highly passive income model and their sheer volume of engagement requests demands a large reply window in terms of time. But ensure that your affiliate mentor is a warm body. Follow someone who listens to their followers as far as hearing and answering questions. Learn from credible leaders. Read their blog. Invest in their courses. Buy their eBooks.

3: Address Money Fears

Admittedly, this tends to be the most uncomfortable step because ego impresses zany money beliefs masked as money fears upon minds. Wade through fears. Feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. Get clear on receiving money through affiliate channels. Become a successful affiliate marketer by getting comfortable with affiliate marketing success.

4: Lead with Free Value

When people see no credibility, skills or knowledge, they do not click your link and you make zero sales. But creating and publishing detailed, practical content on a self-hosted, WordPress blog shows off your skills, knowledge and experience. Readers trust skilled, knowledgeable, experienced affiliates, click their links and buy their stuff.

Money responds to free value. What do you sell? Publish blog posts, videos, podcasts and live broadcasts to help people in that area. People love the freemium and buy the premium to boost your affiliate profits. Next to nobody buys through affiliate links alone because folks have no clue if you know your stuff, until you buy a domain and hosting and PROVE you know your stuff through free content. Gain trust. Earn credibility. Help people for free. Link to your affiliate offering. Boost sales. if 100,000 people see your affiliate link they only click the link and buy based on trusting your:

  • credibility
  • honesty
  • sincerity
  • skills
  • experience
  • knowledge of your niche

5: Sell Only What You Feel Clear On

Observe how leaders prosper not by selling anything but by solving problems through affiliate offerings the pros get clear on. Pros sell not to get profits but to solve problems with trusted solutions. Sell only what you feel clear on. This means selling only what you believe in, you feel detached about, and, what you could sell for 10,000 times without making a sale. Do YOU have that level of detachment from money? Few do. Which is why few make big bucks online. Most marketers see 0 sales after a week or month and feel bad. Top earners feel good and clear and calm independent of sales, follow simple fundamentals, and profit. Successful affiliate marketers usually sell only what they:

  • use
  • benefit from
  • believe in
  • believe will help their communities

Practice discernment. Sell products and services resonant with your principles. Be an affiliate with integrity. Sell what you feel good about to increase profits. Offer what you trust to benefit your readers.

6: Make Friends with Niche Leaders

Gain the trust of pros by serving leaders. As affiliate pros gradually trust you and befriend you, these leaders can help grow your affiliate sales by promoting you and endorsing you. Be patient. Allow bonds to form organically. Prospering friendships grow out of service, not self-service. Befriend top entrepreneurs in your niche. Help them. Ask for nothing. Bond with them. Learn from them. Increase your sales as more of these top pros promote you and endorse you. Friends in high places help boost your affiliate profits. It is that simple. Trying to go solo leads to failure but building your friend network makes your affiliate life easier. Practical tips:

  • promote affiliate leaders via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • link to leaders via your blog posts and guest posts
  • ask for nothing in return
  • expect nothing in return

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