Affiliate Marketing; Steps to Become a Pro and Earn from it

In a country where it is hard to find jobs and get employed, it has become necessary for youths and the likes to employ their skills and create jobs for themselves and others. Affiliate marketing in Nigeria has presented a great opportunity for those who wish to explore the digital world and make passive income. 

This is a business you could start with zero or little capital. You only need good marketing skills to convince buyers to get a product or service of the affiliate company and you get your commission.

But for beginners, this could seem difficult, for many rush headlong into it without really knowing how it is done. But worry not, this article will guide you into becoming a pro and then earning big.

First, you need the right mindset. Affiliate marketing is not an avenue for quick money. Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is not Yahoo Yahoo.


Affiliate marketing is an online business that enables affiliate marketers to get commission for products and services they help affiliate companies sell through their links.

These marketers create contents that convince buyers to get a product or a service of companies they are affiliated with and then get a percentage that has been agreed upon. 

This is done online and requires marketers to be able to drive traffic to their links and get buyers from viewers.


Join an Affiliate Program: 

Before you become an affiliate marketer, you have to join an affiliate program. There are top affiliate programs in Nigeria you could join; Expertnaire, Jumia, Konga e.t.c.

Choose Affiliate Products you are Familiar with:

It is best when choosing a product, to go for one you have tried for yourself. If you haven’t, you could try it before trying to convince your viewers to buy. This will give you confidence and authority even your viewers will see.

Promote Affiliate Products: 

After signing up with an affiliate company, you do not sit and wait for the magic to happen, do the magic yourself. Find ways to convince your viewers to click on that link and purchase the products. And then you get paid.


  • CPC: This is referred to as cost per click. This enables you get paid based on the number of clicks you generate, i.e getting viewers to click on your links. This is not very common in Nigeria.
  • PPL: This is referred to as pay per lead. In this case, you get paid based on the leads you generate. This is done when you get viewers to enter their phone number or email address. This is also not common in Nigeria.
  • PPC: this is referred to as pay per call. You get paid based on calls received by companies from customers.


1. Choose a niche

Choose a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. This means identifying a particular segment of marketing you want to focus on, amidst the many fields of services and types of products available.

So many feel they are versatile enough and choose to venture into the many segments available. But it would be best if you choose your niche and focus on it, to be able to build your target audience and establish authority in your field.

How do you choose your niche?

  • What drives your passion? If you are confused about what your focus should be, this is one of the questions you should ask yourself. What are you passionate about? What topic do you enjoy discussing with friends? Is it health? What area in health? Is it football? Think about this.
  • Does your niche pay well? Unfortunately, not all niches are selling online. So this is what you would want to consider before choosing a niche. If you are out to make money, it is best you go for what is already selling.

So before you join that top affiliate program, choose the niche you will focus on and check if the Affiliate company is offering the services or producing the products.

2. Create an avenue to market your products

Before you sign up with affiliate companies, do you have a platform where you can sell the products? This is one of the things affiliate companies will look at before taking you. 

Your marketing platform could be social media; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are good platforms to sell. You could own a website or practice email marketing. And nothing stops you from exploring all. If you don’t have a website, you can learn how to create one here.

3. Create contents that sell: 

To be an affiliate marketer, you should be able to create contents that will convince your audience not only to click the link but also to purchase the products. This involves using the right keywords, writing SEO content that will rank on Google, using arresting headlines. 

So when people search they will be able to find your content easily. You can read about keyword research and writing SEO content. Contents could be videos, graphics or full write-ups.

4. Build your audience

It is not enough to post content and include affiliate links. You have to get people who will click the links and not just read or scan through and leave. You can achieve this by creating ads on social media. 

Email marketing- this enables you and the company keep in touch with the customers, using banners of companies to entice your audience. 

Also, monitoring your links is very important to know when it expires. How discouraging it will be for one to click on your link and finds out it is expired. The person would leave and may never return to your site. This means you have lost a potential customer.

5. Be genuine when promoting your products

Many make the mistake of sugar-coating their words to convince buyers. Many go as far as saying a product is what is not. This drives your customers far from you. Tell the customer what it is and leave the decision of buying in his hands.

6. Patience

This is very important especially for beginners who wish to last in this business. It will not be easy at first, getting people to click the links, but with time you will be able to build the right audience. Do not get frustrated and leave if you wish to make passive income, consistency helps a lot.


  • Multiple sources of income: with affiliate marketing, your sources of income are not limited. You could join many Affiliate programs and also have an office job or other things you can engage in. Sweet, isn’t it?
  • No much capital needed: with zero or little capital you can start earning big. If you already have a website, well you are good with starting with no money needed. If you do not and choose to have, setting up a website has become much easier with little amount needed. And you can earn big.
  • Passive income: after creating your content, people can click on the links and buy the products and you receive your pay even while asleep.


Expertnaire Affiliate Program is Top
  • Expertnaire Affiliate Program
  • Jumia Affiliate program
  • Konga Affiliate program
  • Bet9ja Affiliate program
  • Payoneer Affiliate program
  • Web4Africa Affiliate program
  • WakaNow Affiliate program
  • Payporte Affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is a very lucrative job that has high ROI (Return on investment) with little investment. But it can be very challenging especially for beginners. But with consistency, you can earn as much as you want.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through these links I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I personally hand-test everything that I promote, and I only link to services and products that I know are of high-quality and good use for marketers.

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