Best Affiliate Programs For Nigerians

Affiliate Marketing has a bad rep in the digital marketing world. Too many marketers try to sell products that they haven’t even tried. They’re just there to make a quick buck. 

Here’s the secret to affiliate marketing success: Trust. 

Affiliate marketing is all about making choices. There are too many options in the world, and people aren’t sure which to choose. This is where an affiliate marketer comes in. You give them the best choices, so customers won’t need to research everything. 

So, how do people know if your recommendations are trustworthy? My readers know they can trust my recommendations because I only recommend products I have used and loved. So, here’s a list of the best affiliate programs I’ve tried over the years. 

Affiliate Marketing Works Because of Trust 

Writing this article was easy because I’ve used all the above services. This is also why I don’t recommend hundreds of products. 

When I see a list that says they have “100 Best Affiliate Programs” or even 50, I’m skeptical. Who uses that many services? I know it’s tempting to recommend products/services just because they have a good affiliate program. It sounds like it’s a good way to make some money. But if it were that easy, everybody would do it. 

Affiliate Marketing is about helping people find the right services and products. Do this well, and you’ll be earning well. 

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

Jumia Affiliate Program

Do you want to take your website or blog to the next level?

Through the Jumia affiliate program, you can make your website or blog make money for yourself. All you have to do is drive traffic to Jumia online store and choose from their thousands of products to advertise on your site to customers, and you make money whenever your visitors buy from them. is Nigeria’s No.1 and most trusted online shopping destination. They rank number 9 on Alexa as the most visited website in Nigeria at the time of this writing. 

Jumia’s affiliate program is great if you truly know how to go about it.

Konga Affiliate Program

Konga is another affiliate program you can also sign up for. It has over 100,000 products that you can promote.

They pay very well, and their commission model is tremendous. They pay up to 9% commission on their products. There are no rigid rules or prerequisites to get started with a Konga affiliate, although having a website gives you an advantage.

The program is powered by Konga Affiliate Pro, the leading affiliate tracking software. Konga Affiliate Pro uses a blend of cookies and IP addresses to track referrals for the best possible reliability.

PayPorte Affiliate Program

PayPorte is another e-commerce store and is regarded as Nigeria’s favourite online retail store.

PayPorte has, since its launch, thrived to ensure it provides to a wide demographic, providing a wide variety of products including fashion and accessories, furniture, fabrics, tech gadgets, home appliances, and more. They provide a seamless shopping experience, and their affiliate program is even as good as their regular offerings.

Wakanow Affiliate Program

Wakanow is one of Africa’s leading online travel companies, with a physical presence in Nigeria, Ghana, UAE, US, UK, and aggressive plans to open new agencies across Africa. With a convenient payment system, exceptional customer service, and technology secured at the center of its processes, Wakanow has extended travel borders to become a force to be reckoned with in the African travel landscape.

They also have an affiliate program designed to enable travel agencies and individuals who engage in selling travel products to sell highly discounted Wakanow travel products (flight, airport pickups, hotels, tour packages, etc.) to their customers and make a profit.

You can build your entire travel business with the Wakanow Affiliate Programme. Their affiliate program offers tremendous commissions on:

  • More than 508,000 domestic and International hotels (Up to 40% discount)
  • Domestic and International Airlines (Discounts on every Airline)
  • Visa processing services (Discounts up to 20% on rates)
  • Airport pickup services in over 45,000 locations (Up to 5% discount on rates)
  • Holiday Packages (Up to 10% Discount on rates)
  • In addition to these great Commissions, the Wakanow affiliate portal gives you the power to regulate pricing as you see fit. You can alter pricing on different travel products based on your negotiations with your customers.

Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja is one of the biggest sports betting platforms in Nigeria. They rank number 2 on as the most visited website in Nigeria at the time of this writing. 

In addition to sports betting, they also offer casino and virtual gaming experiences, including the popular Bet9ja League.

Included amongst Bet9ja’s promotions is their 100% Welcome Bonus of up to ₦100,000 – the largest offering of its kind in Nigeria for new customers who register and make their first successful deposit.

Users will further benefit from 170% Multiple Boosts on accumulators and the innovative real-time cash-out feature. Cash Out gives players more control over their betting, which helps to guarantee profits and cut early losses by allowing in-play cash-outs on pre-game bets. Click here to learn how to get faster results.

ClickFunnels Afiliate Marketing Program

ClickFunnels is a software as a service (SaaS) company that pays their affiliate partners a recurring income for life for every customer you refer to. ClickFunnels itself is an all-in-one platform that can be used to promote anything online.

They provide special training for new affiliate marketers joining the platform

The best part is, they give 100% tough training to make you an expert in affiliate marketing through their Affiliate Bootcamp. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the training!

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is another popular online store with amazing affiliate marketing rewards. It has tons of products that you can promote in any niche and they accept Nigerians and do pay directly into your account with a Payoneer account.  Payoneer is the best and easy way to receive payment from Amazon. Amazon associate commission is low but still fair compared to Jumia in Nigeria.

To make money on Amazon, you’ll have to drive relevant traffic to your site; not just any traffic that’ll end up leaving your site without taking action.

Travelstart Affiliate Program

Travelstart is an African online travel booking website offering flights, vacation packages, hotel bookings, car rental, and other travel services through its online booking engine.

With branches across major African countries, Travelstart gives users a wide variety of travel booking, tourism, and adventure opportunities.

As a leading African agency, the company has many users across the continent, which makes becoming an affiliate a rewarding opportunity. 

As a Travelstart affiliate, you will be able to show Travelstart discounts and other promotions on your site. As such, you can earn highly competitive commissions from day one at no cost to you.

Why You Should Consider Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing Business is Scalable

Many successful affiliate marketers have discovered that scaling their businesses into the white label, dropshipping, or wholesale operations were not difficult. An increasingly common thing I see successful affiliates do nowadays to scale their operations is to launch their white-label operation or skin.

A white label is when another company sells a product or service produced by one company.

The good thing about starting your white label is that you can increase your conversions by reducing traffic leakage and enlisting other affiliates to promote your brand. 

It also is very easy to scale an affiliate marketing site in eCommerce by venturing into dropshipping or wholesale.

Affiliate Marketing Programs have Low Startup Cost

Most startups require huge capital before anything begins. In fact, with a startup, you can spend a year raising a large investment from investors before your business might function.

In affiliate marketing, you only need to spend a chicken change of $3 to $7month for a custom domain name to launch a website (sometimes you don’t even need a website!). 

From then on, your only true costs are content, which you should be able to write yourself, choosing a responsive and free CMS like WordPress and website design, and then writing a blog post to help create traffic and sales to your website. That’s all.

Even once you start earning money with your site, your expenses will remain low. You don’t need to rent an expensive office to meet clients in; you don’t even need to hire anybody to deal with customer support like you usually would in an e-commerce venture. So, more profit with less cost.

Affiliate Marketing Programs Earn An Income Quickly

With affiliate marketing, you can start earning an income almost straight away. If you work in popular niches such as Fitness and Technology, you can easily make lots of money for every customer you refer to buy a product. And the amazing thing is, you only need to refer a few customers every month to make such a consistent profit.

Remember, you don’t need to offer any form of ongoing support or services to your referred customers. Once you have referred to them, the operator/merchant will pick it up from there and take care of the customer loyalty and upsell marketing campaigns.

Okay, that’s it.

Now that you’ve seen why you should start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, what then are you waiting for?

Suppose you want to build a profitable business online. In that case, this article will be an eye-opener because you will find a host of important affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria and their various links to get registered right away.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the link and get the 72IG implementation program and turn your affiliate marketing journey into a success story

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