You Can Be A Copywriter

For a very long time I wrote posts and articles that got people excited, but it was all for the sake of it.

A few times, I come across blog posts or sponsored social media posts suggesting that one can make some good money just by writing for people that don’t have time or know how to do it themselves.

But I didn’t know how to tap into it.

I struggled for a long time to get anything from writing.

The only thing I got was likes and comments on my Facebook posts.

But I never got the one thing that makes most sense…


Then, it happened. In the middle of last year, a friend brought me an opportunity to write for a newly launched blog and I seized it. I had to, even though the pay wasn’t a big one.

The interesting part, my friend who linked me with the writing gig started writing too. Debola has never been into writing before, until that writing job came up.

But he got writing… why? How? Simple. Because he was getting paid. There was bread involved, we all need the BREAD right? So he had to at least write something.

My guy only realized he could write when he saw there’s money to be made from it.

And myself, like every young Nigerian wanted more. I wanted to earn more than the 5k per every 4 articles I wrote, so I explored more options and found that copywriting could offer me more. Even more than the more I thought.

I realized that while I earned an average of ₦1250 per 450 words article, I could write copies for big clients and earn in tens of thousands of Naira, and sometimes in dollars.

Yes, dollars. You can actually land big clients from outside Nigeria but that’s if you can learn your craft very well.

Anyone who has a product, service or idea to sell needs a copy to get people to  take the action he or she wants. And the copy must be written.

That’s what the copywriter does.

So here’s the gist.

You could hear someone tell you that writing or to be specific, copywriting is not for everyone.

What do you think? My guess is that we’re thinking the same thing. And what could we be thinking?

“Whoever tells you that is right!”

Copywriting is not for everyone, it’s only for those who learn the art of it.

But the irony is that we all can learn the art of copywriting.

So maybe I’ve changed my mind, copywriting is for everyone.

If you can learn the art of copywriting, then you can confidently see yourself as a copywriter.

Not just to see yourself as one, you can make a living from and live the life you want.

I know that you know what copywriting actually is, but I will remind you.

Copywriting is the optimum use of language to promote or persuade.

So you see, it’s basically about using the right set of words to get people to do something you want them to do. Not to deceive but to convince.

To convincingly persuade people to buy a product, a service or even an idea.

Don’t you think that we all possess the ability to convince people to buy our products or services? I think we all do.

And that is why I also think that if you know how to put different words together to make a sensible sentence, then you can also become a professional copywriter — with the right training.

If you can get trained and also learn the secret of how to land clients who pay in cool dollars, then you can wave goodbye to financial struggles even in the midst of the sad economic situation in Nigeria.

This then brings us to the most exciting part of the gist…

​As I started my journey into copywriting, I got lucky. I call it luck because it is something that i stumbled into by chance but it massively turned my fortunes around.

​My lucky chance? It was a complete guide in copywriting that taught me how to master the art of copywriting and as much as how to get and attract big paying client.

​It is one of the masterclass ​from Nigeria’s most renowned copywriter, ANDY MUKOLO. He did put together a course called FOREIGN COPYWRITING INITIATIVE where he taught how even the most naive newbie can climb to the peak of the copywriting food chain.

​Getting that course changed my life and I’m truly ​grateful that my instinct overcame my doubts at first.

So, ​if you have ever thought of earning money through writing, this is your best shot to making that dream a reality. Even if you are not into writing and you are ​wondering, “what am I gonna write?”, I just want you to know that writing is not rocket science, it is just an art that has to be mastered.

​Now, if you ​want to make good money (in foreign currency) via writing, then copywriting is something you ​should embrace, starting with Andy Mukolo’s FOREIGN COPYWRITING INITIATIVE.

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