Cryptocurrency is the New Oil Well

Cryptocurrency is something really interesting and if you’ve been on social media I’m sure you would have been seeing some crypto terms flying around.

Terms like;

Buy the deep


Shit coins


It’s a bearish market

It’s a bullish market etc

Now here’s the gist because people heard that Bitcoin was going to rise to $100k this year a lot of people jumped right in buying all kinds of coins apparently they were buying shit coins and when Bitcoin started dropping the value of all these other shit coins that they bought went down really fast to almost zero, some even went as low as zero and as a result they lost money.

Now that’s what happens when you jump into something without having an understanding one thing is sure to happen you will surely get burnt.

CRYPTO KNOWLEDGE IS BETTER THAN CRYPTO INVESTING hundred percent anytime any day and that’s why I like this quote from Warren Buffet where he said “never invest in a business you do not understand” don’t make the mistake because if you do you will get burnt badly

How do you get the knowledge you need to invest in any business or the crypto business. For example two ways you can either go online searching for free videos, free articles there are tons and tons of free stuff on the internet that sometimes you might even get so much information overload and you even get yourself confused. The second way is to get an experienced teacher someone who has been in the game for a very long time to show you the steps to make you understand it from ground level zero.

That’s why today I’m talking to you about the cryptocurrency wealth builders.

It’s a really nice read and very quickly I will just go through it.

It talks about how people are taking advantage of the cryptocurrency market right now and how big guys in the tech industry are investing large into the cryptocurrency market, how people are jumping in and making big investments.

The best time to invest in the cryptocurrency market was in 2011 and the next best time is now because it’s still early in this new kind of money so if you missed out back then now is another good time to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

You don’t want to wait ten more years, twenty more years when people already understand the game and then you will be a late comer, it’s better to get in now when we are still early.

Here’s what you are getting:

The complete cryptocurrency wealth builders blueprint - parts 1&2

A special bonus which is access to the cryptocurrency wealth builders group

However don’t take my word for it

Surprise I went ahead to get the cryptocurrency wealth builders blueprint it’s a course that has 39 educational videos.

Understanding cryptocurrency language terms: it brings down all the terminologies you would need to know terms like buy the deep, FOMO, shit coins, hold, bearish, bullish etc.

Introduction to altcoins

Investing Vs Trading

Where and how to open your own sales and secure crypto wallet

Where to buy Bitcoin and other coins

How to buy Bitcoin and any other coins

How to spot identify and avoid scams - Because right now in the market there are so many people promising huge returns hinged on cryptocurrency, how do you know they are not about to scam you ponzu schemes, fake cryptocurrencies, impersonation, pumps and dumps, malware. I’m this particular section it breaks down how to know and avoid scams, so that you don’t a fall victim of fraudulent activities


How to keep your crypto safe from hackers

List of coins for 2021 - it tells you coins which have been analyzed and predicted to be profitable

Bonus; understanding fundamental analysis and technical analysis, here there are 14 other videos explaining technical analysis which are understanding time frame, understanding candle sticks, how to use moving averages, understanding the use of MACD, how to trade using relative strength index

This is all you need to know about crypto in one place. I e taken the course and it is worth it. Crypto knowledge is better than crypto investing. Have crypto knowledge before you spend a dime on crypto make sure you understand it.

Let’s say you are convinced that crypto is the new oil, or crypto has the capacity to make you a lot of money in the future what are you going to do. The worse thing you are going to do is to put your money into crypto before understanding how it works or before getting the required knowledge.

I know of a lady who was told about cryptocurrency investment apparently she was told about a network marketing cryptocurrency investment that if she brings some money and two people and those two people bring two people she is going to move up the ladder and at the end of the cycle she is going to make a lot of money, now she was also given the option of paying N3m and then sitting back without bringing any other person and after a while she’s going to cash out N23m. Now this particular person a retiree she was looking for where to invest the money given to her by the government so guess what she gave them N3m and right now if she is told pink is red she has to accept it hell yes because she knows nothing about cryptocurrency.

I can bet you that if she had paid N40k for this course and had half of the knowledge in it she would not have made such an investment.

So go ahead and get crypto educated.

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