5 Detested Copywriting Methods that is 100% Guaranteed to Generate Massive Sales

Copywriting is the baseline of every business. I have learned this from my years of writing sales copies for different businesses. 

Sadly, some people still disregard and misplace the role of copywriting when it comes to making sales. Need I mention that without sales then the business is heading for a collapse?

But how do these sales happen in the first instance?

Here, no matter what you sell, buyers would have to ignore or abandon other people’s products for them to buy yours. This means there are some serious competitions for sales.

To be blunt, your competitors don’t want you to sell at all and that is why you need to write sales copies that disappoint them.

Sales copies that make you sell almost every single time you make offers to buyers.

So how do you write these abnormal sales copies that induce people to buy from you at all times?

Here are five unpopular methods (not magic) that make you stand out as a copywriter and bring you sales every time you write.

  1. The Abnormal Method: This is where you unleash the hidden demons of the mind and how to trigger your prospective buyers for your gains. These copywriting demons create addiction enablers in the mind of your buyers and make them keep buying from you. Though it is called the “the abnormal” method which makes it sound like a certain unacceptable writing pattern, this method makes you “appear honest” to your prospects so you can collect their money at will.
  1. Make Use of Storytelling: Your audience is wired to react to a story. Storytelling provides your readers with a peek into your product and how it can resolve their problem, triggering their imaginations and making the all-important emotional connection. Storytelling is not popular because it is an art of its own. Not everyone can tell stories that move people to take action.
  1. Use Facts and Stats: I know when I talked about the blood-sucking method, you must have been wondering, “this guy wants me to manipulate the buyers”. No way. Far from it. I want you to tell the buyer the truth in such a way that makes them addicted to you and obsessed with your product. Adding some well-researched facts or statistics to an empowering story is basically the recipe for triumph. Along with case studies, research and statistics will help persuade your readers to purchase, or at least to justify their desire. Including these elements into your copy will also help support your claims and establish you as trustworthy.
  1. Appeal to Emotions: If you want your reader to take an action—whether that means clicking, downloading, or buying—you’ll have to make them feel something first. People make decisions based on emotion. While you must also back it up with facts and statistics so readers can justify their decisions, your main plea must make an emotional connection to be successful. This is the magic done by your wonderful storytelling skills.
  1. First Impression Sublime Invasion: Ever wonder why your cold emails hit the wall of Jericho and never penetrate? The first impression! With the right first impression, your reader sees a friend and not a seller. Any wrong impression made in your first few lines would definitely block the mind of the prospect from the rest of the copy and other subsequent copies coming from you.

Some of these methods are not easy to apply, not just because they are unpopular but because takes a kind of genius to achieve perfection.

Interestingly, I learned all of these in a copywriting course titled Blood Sucking Copywriting Blueprint created by one of Nigeria’s best copywriting coaches, Tony Fotizo.

You could also learn about these methods yourself by getting the course via this link.

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