How do you increase followers on Twitter?

This is how to get a big fat Twitter following, fast!

A couple of quick basics first. What topics to choose. How you can add value to Twitter. Why and how you need to build credibility. And, last but not least how you can engage with others to grow your following.

The juice is below 👇

The Basics

I won’t spend a lot of time on this. Get yourself a proper profile picture. Don’t go anon. A lot harder to follow a faceless person. Get rid of the basic Twitter header. Create your own on Canva for example. The correct header size is 1500 x 500 pixels.

When people visit your profile they read your bio. Don’t make it long and boring. Make it short and inviting. People should get hungry to check out your timeline.

The bio should entice people to get people interested in you vs just your tweets. RT’ing is easy. Following is hard.

Choosing your topics

This is very personal. Keep this close to your heart/interests. Don’t pick a topic because it’s hot right now. It can go cold tomorrow.

Pick a topic you know a lot about. This can be a really niche topic. We’ll get into how you can create a following around a narrow topic later.

Pick 3 – 4 subjects and stick to them. You need to grind for a couple of months before deciding to go ahead with them or to change.

Mine are affiliate marketing, weight loss, travel, mindset, and wealth.

How to add value on Twitter

No matter what subject you pick you should always add value to Twitter.

I use the 6E method to add value on Twitter.

  • Encourage
  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Empower
  • Enrich
  • Equip

And I’ll give you some examples too.


Give people a positive outlook on things and they’ll feel a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. People are on Twitter to get away from their life. For a lot of people, their lives aren’t all that great. If you give them encouraging tweets you’ll evoke a powerful emotion that will lead to interaction with your tweet.


Most people don’t care if you’re telling them the truth or if you’re telling them a lie, as long as they’re entertained by it. The funny thing is: people will pay more to be entertained than to be educated. Give them a good time and they will give you a like or a retweet. They might even start following you.


Everyone knows everything but everyone needs constant reminders. Be the one that reminds them how to do stuff. How to make their lives better. A lot of people find learning addictive. They’ll come back to you for it.


For some people, there’s no better feeling in the world than the power of ” YES I CAN!”. Yes, I will get this done. Yes, I will get my life back on track. These people will love the fact that you empower them. That you give them the cue to get started. The rod to start fishing.


Enrichment for me is about giving people advice (external component) so they start working on themselves more (internal component). This has a lot to do with attitude, self-improvement, and self-knowledge. This one is harder to do but if you hit the ball on the perfect spot it will make you go viral.


This follows the “learn a man how to fish and he’ll eat for life” analogy. Grow beyond 2k followers before you have the credibility to start selling your course like the 72IG implementation program

Now that you know how to add value to Twitter it’s time to build credibility.

This is how to build credibility

People follow people. They don’t follow accounts or businesses as quickly as they do real people. And real people have a life worth mentioning.

They do things that are interesting and they talk about it on Twitter.

It doesn’t matter what you do in your life, but to build credibility on Twitter it’s not enough to stay on the surface. You have to go down the rabbit hole on the topics you talk about.

Everyone reads stuff on Reddit. Not everyone posts stuff on Reddit. And only a tiny percentage of people advertise on Reddit. There’s a lesson about credibility there… Do things other people don’t or would love to learn about.

Be a leader and show people you’re willing to do the hard work to get them digestible knowledge.

Engage with others

When you start your Twitter journey you have 0 followers. Tweeting will be the same as talking to a wall. No one will hear you. No one will see your tweets.

You need to find people with who you can engage with. People with similar interests and preferably with a huge audience. Accounts that have over 10,000 followers and good engagement metrics. As in a minimum of 10 – 30 retweets per tweet on average.

Search for keywords related to the topics you tweet about and follow the accounts that you like and that also have a good engagement rate.

Make sure you set the notification bell so you can reply to their tweets quickly.

Why do you need to respond quickly? Because the quicker you respond the more people will see your tweet. Your tweet needs impressions to get engagement and you need engagement to get followers. If you’re the first to reply you’re also the first reply people see and can interact with.

When that big account tweets they’re usually on Twitter because not everyone uses scheduling tools like Hypefury yet. So when you respond to their tweet you have a bigger chance they engage with your tweet.

Remember one thing when engaging with others

Always add value! Don’t reply with a simple: Great tweet!

No, no!

Add to the conversation. What can you elaborate on? What’s your experience on the topic?

Do this once people start following you

You have to fight for every follower. So whenever someone follows you, especially in the beginning, send them a DM!

NEVER ask for something. Look at their profile first and mention something that resonated with you. Something like: Wow this tweet reminded me of something in my childhood. Thanks for tweeting this.

Make sure you like / RT the tweet before you DM them. Don’t make things up. Be genuine.

If you rinse and repeat this process for a couple of months you’re going to see real Twitter growth! If you want to know more you should check out this article about how to grow your Twitter followers.

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