Theres a question that I really didn’t find any conforting answer to… And I wanted to get your advice on it?

The iOS update

What about it? How do you evolve your email marketing stragies around it? What should we do?

I know that, at the end of the day, only the sales matters, but… Open rates are a big factor to account, isn’t?

Do you have any course or advices about thst important update?

Thanks a lot

It always amuses me when people worry about open rates.

Something Androids have not been accurately tracking this whole time. And I have never once written for the open rate, or even the click, just the relationship. Do that and a lot of problems tend to disappear, in my experience.

But if you really need to track, track clicks.

If someone clicks, you know they opened it.

For those still worried about it, you have two options:

1. Put your head firmly between your legs… and kiss your gluteus assimus goodbye.

2. Or just learn how to write emails people want to read and respond to.

If you know what you’re doing it’s a non-issue.

At least to those who understand #2 above.

Something I teach in the Email Players Skh?ma Book that I give free to new Email Players subscribers. Combine that info with the more bigger picture strategic info I teach in the issues (especially the upcoming 10-month anniversary issue in August) and this sort of thing is simply not relevant.

It’s only relevant to people who still think opens are relevant.

But as far as sales go, opens have always been completely irrelevant.

At least, to anyone who knows what they’re doing.

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