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You will also learn how to use this skills to make money online. And beyond that, you will also learn how to bring these skills together in other to start any online business. 

And In case you don't know, each of these skills will cost you 20k each to learn individually which is about 140k in total. And you don't even get to learn how to make money with these skills if you take that route.

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  1. 1
    ​ ​​I am going to show you a fast secret that I discovered from my friend who has earn over 3.7 million naira on expertnaire using just WhatsApp.  No website required. I have tried this secret strategy with 200 of my students the result was massive.  96 out of 200 made over 100k in 13 days.  With this you are guaranteed to make your first 80k - 200k in 2 weeks.
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    I'm going to mentor you for life, that means every business secret and strategy I know, I will be sharing it with you.
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  3. 3
    I will add you to my mentorship group where you will join the challenge to hit 3 million in 6 Months using my unique strategy and guide  
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    I will give you done for you templates for the hottest product on expertnaire. Your work is just to copy and paste and get results. 
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  5. 5
    I will also give you my success hack that has generated over 7 million in 4 months for me.   If you lay your hands in this success hack, you will understand why things don't work out for you even though it's working for others. You will know what to do to attract abundance and wealth to your life.
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  6. 6
    We are going to be using expertnaire as our product marketplace. Registration on expertnaire is 10,000 naira for a year. When you get my mentorship, you will get a free account for one year.
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