How My Friend Gbenga Has Been Able To Earn As High As N435,436 Per Month From Sport Betting Companies

Back in august 2018 Gbenga discovered a fast and stress free method to make money from the mega billion sports betting companies without placing a single bet.

The next year he made N2m from this method and it changed his life.

In this article you are going to discover how sport betting companies like bet9ja, nairabet etc are paying young Nigerians as much as N435k a month. The beauty of this is, you can earn all this money without knowing anything about football, without placing a single bet and without owning a betting shop.

Now you might be thinking this sounds too good to be true. So let me show you some proofs from his account.

As you can see here he made N303,490 in January 2019

In February and March, he had some pressing family issues to attend to so his account was inactive.

By April as you can see he made N366,756

In may, he made N435,436

In June, he made N193,964

In July he was paid N143,841

In August, it was N250,591

In September, he made N86,902

In October it was N136,619

In November N105,496

And he did all this without working for more than 2 hours a day and without placing a single bet.

In 2020 covid struck which affected the sports betting industry football matches were suspended for a while.

Unlike many of the side hustles out there what is about to be revealed to you is a less stressful and straight forward process to make money. You do not need a lot of money to get started and you can set it all up within three hours. He discovered this way of making money at a point where he didn’t have any money or time to waste.

He got married in 2018 and next thing bills started to pile up, initially it was manageable with what he was getting from his job and also his wife had a job. But everything changed once his wife became pregnant and couldn’t continue to work.

At this point he knew he needed an extra source of income and he also knew he needed something which wouldn’t take too much of his time or affect his current job. Especially seeing he couldn’t duplicate himself or be in both places at the same time.

He tried a lot of things, from one small business to another, to one side business to another. But most of the other opportunities required a lot of time and if he was going to start making a lot of money with them, he needed to quit his job. But it was a risk he couldn’t take especially with the baby on the way. He and his family needed all the money they could lay their hands on.

So he went online and started looking for anything which could generate passive income for him without taking too much of his time or required him to spend a lot of money. As luck would have it he stumbled across this opportunity where you could get paid by sports betting websites but without you placing a single bet or owning a bet shop or predicting any game. A lot of people didn’t know it and the few people doing it were getting decent results.

You could just decide to quit your current dead ass job that pays you peanuts and stresses the hell out of you and you could move to a new apartment or a new area entirely because you can finally afford it. You could even decide to start the business you’ve been thinking about for some time now.

But not just that

You now have enough money to take care of your family as you’ve always wanted. You also have enough money to take care of your expenses and still have more left. Even enough to give away.

These were the thoughts going through his kind as he kept turning on his bed at night.

But that was where it ended because the information online wasn’t even comprehensive

None of the guys doing it have a thorough explanation of how it worked or what to do.

The first few months passed and he made very little money.

He was sure this thing worked but only needed to do better. So, he started tweaking it and trying different things and he lost a bit of money, you know what they say about the blind leading the blind. But the one thing he knew was it worked. So, he had to find a way to keep going.

After a lot of trial and error and spending lots of time and money, he was finally able to discover and perfect a way of getting more than 20 customers a day. As a result, he started making enough money which covered all his monthly expenses and he still had much of it left over.

He explains how this works properly and how you can start making a lot of money with it too.

As you probably know betting websites make billions of naira every year in profits. But just like every other business out there, they need customers to make all of this money.

And this is where you come in.

All you have to do is introduce a customer to betting website and you make money every time the betting website makes money from this customer.

Let’s say you introduce a particular sports betting you are promoting to Mr A. If the sports betting company makes a profit of N100k from Mr A, you can get paid a commission of 30% N30k and that is just for one customer.

This could be every single month or even every single day since Nigerians live football so much and place bets on it every minute of the day.

So basically all you need to get started are 3 steps:

Step 1: Sign up as an affiliate on any sports betting website. He recommends NairaBet, 1xbet and Bet9ja

Step 2: Copy your referral/affiliate link – this is the link you will be using to introduce people to the sports betting website.

When people sign up through you affiliate link, you’ll get paid from the profits the company gets from these customers.

Step 3: Start promoting you affiliate link.

Now step 1 & 2 are the easy parts, you can sign up as an affiliate and get your affiliate link on any of the sites mentioned within 10 minutes.

Where people get stuck is Step 3 and this is the most important step.

That is where he got stuck too initially.

Like said earlier, it took him a lot of time and money to finally figure out a proven system of promoting his sports betting affiliate link to thousands of people everyday.


The good thing about the sports betting profits back door system is it doesn’t require you to walk around and go door to for asking people to join a particular betting website. He has never spoken to anybody one on one. So, no! You don’t need to.

He doesn’t even know most of the people he earns money from as everything is online and automated. If you are a shy person or don’t want people to know you are involved in the betting industry, well, you don’t even have to talk to your friends and family or strangers either.

He is completely anonymous online and he makes all his money from strangers who don’t know him and have never met him and will never meet him.

You might be thinking – How much do you need to get started with this opportunity?

While most of the so called side hustles online require you to have N200k or more to get started, you won’t need more than N20k to get this started.

Right now a youth corper with an allowed of N19,500 a month is somewhere comfortably doing this same thing and making as much as N400k extra in a month.

And just incase you’re wondering how long it takes to set up the sports betting profits back door system, well it takes less than 3 hours.

If you’re also wondering how long it takes before you can start earning money, the answer is immediately. He realized there were other people out there who needed a way to make fast money online. So he went ahead to document his entire process of earning money from sports betting websites without placing a single bet or owning a bet shop into a simple step by step guide that anyone can follow and start making as much as N400k to N2m a month.

The sports betting profits backdoor guide contains 8 easy to follow step by step videos that show you how you can set up, start and run this system to generate a guaranteed income of up to N400k a month for you.

And each video is an average of 20 minutes and you can even watch them on your phone.

And just to clarify all you need to start making up to N400k or more a month when you follow his system of promoting sports betting websites as an affiliate are:

A smart phone of PC

Less than 3 hours of your time

A bank account for receiving your money

Ambition. Which I believe if you have read this article to this point you have.

The sports betting profits backdoor guide

One thing I hear online all the time is

“If he’s making so much money, why is he not keeping it to himself? Why is he exposing the secret to other people?”

Well 3 answers,

-The betting industry in Nigeria is so big, millions of naira exchange hands everyday.

So wether he decides to share this passive income generating system with you or not, the money will still be made.

Plus the money you’ll be making has no bearing on the money he’ll be making either. Remember this isn’t a multilevel or network marketing business.

-He hates the term side hustle

Because 90% of the time it’s used to refer to a job side business generating money for you and still taking away your time

And even though he wants more money just like you, but as an entrepreneur who has a business to manage, a family to take care of plus a bunch of other businesses, he doesn’t have time for a side hustle. He doesn’t want anything which takes too much of his time…even if it makes good money.

Which is why he walked away from many side hustles and part time businesses over the last few years.

And this is exactly why he created this sports betting profits back door guide for making money part time.

-Few people know this right now.

So you can decide to jump on it quickly or not, but that’s your decision to make.

At this point I know you’re already wondering what the sport betting profits backdoor guide will cost, you will soon find out.

But first answer this question

Will you be willing to pay N100 every single day for the next 1 year if he could show you how to make N400k monthly?

Get your calculator

N100 every day is around N36,500 for one year.

N400k monthly is around N5m for one yearx

Subtract N36,500 from N5m and you get a profit of N4.9m.

Think about it

If you could pay N36,500 to learn how to make N5m and you and up making a profit of N4.9m after subtracting your initial N36,500 investment, is it a fair deal or not?

But you won’t even have to pay N36,500 for the sports betting profits backdoor guide.

How about N25k

That’s like N69 every day.

But you still won’t be getting the sports betting profits backdoor guide for N25k.

You can get the sports betting profits backdoor guide, set it up within the next two hours and start making as much as N400k per month for just N17,000 by clicking the link.

N17k is less than N50 per day

It’s just around N47 a day

Imagine giving just N47 every day to learn how to make N400k a month.

But the sports betting profits backdoor guide for making N400k a month isn’t the only thing you’ll be getting for N17k.

When you get the guide you are also going to discover how you can make money from foreign betting websites without also placing a single bet.

You also be getting his contact details for any extra assistance you might need or questions you might ask.

But there’s a guarantee you won’t even need this because the sports betting profits backdoor guide is so simple and self explanatory that even a primary school dropout won’t need any extra assistance.

And I’m sure you are smarter than that, but just incase you will get all the extra support and assistance you need.

That’s not all

To show how confident he is about the sports betting profits backdoor guide he is offering you a 180-day money back guaranteed

Which means within the next 180 days if you do exactly what you’ll be discovering in the sports betting profits backdoor guide and you don’t start making any money you can request for a refund.

And you’ll get your money back once it’s verified.

So what are you waiting for?

Remember you don’t need to know anything about football or betting to do this.

And neither do most of the people making millions from this monthly.

But please know that this bumper offer won’t go on forever.

You might comeback to this page next week and the sports betting profits backdoor guide will be going for a high price of N25k or more. And it still would be too cheap. After all, you can see it is worth it.

Join his Bet9ja must pay system. It’s your choice to join the moving train or not.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through these links I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I personally hand-test everything that I promote, and I only link to services and products that I know are of high-quality and good use for marketers.

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