The Doer Mindset Is the One Thing You Need to Be Successful

It’s simple, just go numb to feelings that tell you not to do something

It’s inevitably clear that you won’t get anything done without action.

Patience does count, but it comes when you have given proper input with your full potential to some craft.

The wait is on the results, not the actions.

You can’t do anything about results, but the thing in your control is taking action at this moment.

If you don’t do that, everything will fall apart in your life.

Be a Doer Who Is Ever Ready to Take Action

Like anything in the world, being a great doer means you need more practice.

Practice, are you serious? Yes.

We, humans, are creatures of habits. We become the thing we do the most. If we do more work for years, inaction and laziness will feel too dull.

The same applies to laziness and sluggishness as well.

People who don’t feel like doing the errands and chores have trained their muscles to be lazy and do less.

So did you get it?

It’s all about how you train yourself.

To begin to train yourself to be a doer.

Put more action. Give more effort to the work.

Deliberately nudge yourself to be on the uncomfortable side of things.

Do the tough things first and leave the easy stuff for the latter.

Or better would be if you work in a team, take responsibility for the most challenging job, and leave the easy stuff for others.

In other words, being a doer is just a deliberate walk toward the mundane and challenging work that most people don’t want to do.

Do Not Wait for the Right Time Or Mood

Having lived two decades of my life and breathing in the third one, I clearly say that you will never be motivated to work.

Right action demands deliberate effort.

Your mind will never encourage you to leave your bed and go to work.

If you listen to your mind more often, you will only live a life of regrets.

But if you train yourself to do the opposite of what your mind says, you will train yourself to be a doer.

Doers do not wait for the right mood or time to take action.

They stand up and take action. No thoughts, no feelings, nothing is allowed to interrupt.

There will come a time in your life when you will not feel like doing the work.

Or you will feel like you have done enough for today.

That’s the time to do it more.

The best time to train your mind to be challenging is when it screams to stop and not do more work because it feels tired. That time is the best time to teach it a lesson that who is the boss now.

Teach your mind a harsh lesson by doing more than you think you can do.

That’s how you become a doer, and that is enough to attack and achieve anything in life.

In Conclusion

Top achievers are great doers.

Laziness is a sure-fire way to pile up more regrets in your life.

But the good news is you can teach yourself to be a doer and make it a habit of not being lazy.

How to do it?

Take action when you are least motivated and don’t want to leave your bed or move your muscle.

Mind is like a child. It will learn, exactly, what you teach it. Teach it a lesson of toughness.

Teach it to be a doer because that is the thing that will make you a successful person.

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