The Hidden Secrets of Crypto YouTubers

Don’t get me wrong, some channels post content worth watching, but let’s be real — 90% of crypto YouTube content is either trash or regurgitation.

In the defense of top CryptoTubers, they’re getting millions of views so they must be doing something right. Well…Right for them, but probably not for you.

Let me explain…

The dog and pony show is officially now the doge and uniswap show — CryptoTubers get away with putting you on a mental rollercoaster, so you’re distracted from the fact that their videos aren’t making you intelligent (even when you think it is).

Here are 2 reasons why this works:

  • There are newbies entering crypto every minute
  • There are 5 crypto YouTube secrets most people aren’t aware of

These secrets will advance your perception to the point you see the matrix behind crypto videos and identify the content creators disguised as agent Smith.

Let’s investigate!

SECRET 1: CryptoTubers Don’t Make Money From Trading

When was the last time you saw a crypto YouTuber live trade in front of you? I’ll wait…Nobody is brave enough to question them or even think of requesting proof of profits due to their large following.

The Truth: Most CryptoTubers convince you to trade so that you use their affiliate links.

Is it a coincidence for them to post affiliate links of exchanges that give some of the highest commissions? No. They may “want” you to be successful in the markets, but they know damn well that you’ll end up in the 90% of unsuccessful traders without the right guidance.

They could at least remind you that most traders fail, but they’ll rather have you click their link, and protect themselves by posting “not financial advice” in their video description.

SECRET 2: Most CryptoTubers Are Really Weather Reporters

Their 3-Step Process:

  • 1: Go onto or a similar site, and then tell you what coins are in the green and red.
  • #2: Give their opinions from articles posted on crypto news sites.
  • #3: Do some Bitcoin technical analysis BS on TradingView.

Some crypto YouTubers post this every day.

It’s no different than watching the weather channel when you can just open the weather app and see the forecast for yourself in seconds.

Some people know this (well subconsciously) but they still tune in, here’s why:

CCL: Community, comments, and live streams

People enjoy being entangled with others who acknowledge their thoughts and respond. Even better is when the CryptoTuber responds to comments on a live video or answers questions left on a previous video.

The weather reporting crypto videos are just opportunities for communities to interact with each other again.

SECRET 3: CryptoTubers Make Contrary Price Prediction Videos (and get away with it)

One video of Bitcoin going to $50,000 and another video of it going to $25,000 the next. When Bitcoin hits one of those prices, they claim they’re right and use a video as proof — their “insurance” videos make it impossible to be wrong.

Why crypto YouTubers get away with it: The internet is a very noisy place, so it’s easy to forget about the claims crypto influencers say in their previous videos.

Nobody keeping them accountable = more contrary price prediction videos.

Why make price prediction videos in the first place

Prices stimulate extreme greed or fear — that forces you to click their videos.

A price of a coin going super high can mean many things for you:

  • Opportunity to double your network
  • Escape the rat race
  • Become a millionaire
  • Pay off your student loan
  • etc…

The top guys in crypto know this, and the crypto industry is no stranger to giving everyday people 100X returns from time to time.

There’s a small chance that crypto YouTubers could be right about their prediction, so not watching just one video to understand why a major price move could be made is all it takes to miss a golden opportunity.

Price prediction videos are okay when it’s accompanied with proof of concepts, incoming big investments, partnerships, data correlations, changes in technology — anything logical.

But it’s not cool when videos are based on emotion or when a contradicting price prediction video is being uploaded the next day.

SECRET 4: You Don’t Have To Be a Crypto Expert To Be a Big Crypto YouTuber

No coding skills or investing experience is required. Many people mistake crypto influencers for experts.

Crypto YouTube is in the business of marketing.

Here are the several ways CryptoTubers build a large following quickly (some combine the tactics for the best results):

Making trending videos of new coins early

There’s an inflation of video content for popular coins — you’re shooting from the halfway line by going that route. Targeting unknown coins lays you up for success as there is no competition. Also, content creators for new coins are valued and curated quickly. New coins have small communities so it’s easier to be noticed and appreciated — especially when you post your videos on their Discord channel.

Crazy story or a wild decision

The average human is curious to know why someone would sell their house for Bitcoin, convert all their Bitcoin holdings to Cardano, give their wife Bitcoin as a first-anniversary present (I made that up), and so on. It’s just human nature to know “why”.

Targeting a particular fanbase by positioning yourself small

The key to getting the right target audience is a conjunction — a fanbase interested in or new to crypto, plus something that connects you to them, but not to other CryptoTubers. It could even be your personality or mindset.

Convert into a crypto YouTuber (while having a following)

If you’ve got subscribers that are Millenials and into fintech, chances are they’re into crypto as well. Alex Becker and TechLead are 2 YouTubers that successfully went full crypto over the past year.

Progressive giveaways

Doing a streak of videos where you give away crypto to a lucky individual that comment their wallet address is how some YouTubers build loyal fans fast. Free crypto is a driving force for engagement.

SECRET 5: Big CryptoTubers Can Be Solely Responsible For Pumping and Dumping Coins

All it takes is for them to make a video saying they’re putting large amounts of money into a cryptocurrency. Boom. The viewers will take action and buy in quickly before any major price move is made — this will skyrocket a crypto (even if the CryptoTuber wasn’t honest about the amount they put in).

Here’s the ideal scenario to take place after:

The spike in buys will draw attention as it can make a coin get to the top on leaderboards such as CoinGecko’s largest gainers list. This will then trigger more buys and the press to talk about the gains which expose the coin to millions of more people — leading to even more buys. Eventually, exchanges get in touch with the coin’s team so they can list it.

The moon is the limit from thereon.

Here’s the common scenario:

The coin goes up exponentially and dumps on the majority of investors who watched the CryptoTuber’s pump video late.

This is why you should do your own research before making emotional decisions based on what a CryptoTuber said. Too many people fall victim to pump and dumps because of greed.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about CryptoTubers manipulating large-cap cryptos — It takes someone like Elon Musk to do that.

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In Closing…

Crypto YouTube is a reflection of the crypto community.

Creators often have to use clickbait strategies or talk about imaginary trading gains because the crypto community wants to hear it.

Good CryptoTubers use it as a necessary evil to get you through the door so you can receive valuable content. But most use it as the foundation of their platform simply because nobody’s calling them out.

Anyway, your mind should now be 2-steps ahead of bad CrypoTubers and their shenanigans.

But if you decide to become a CryptoTuber, please do things right so you won’t end up in Coffeezilla’s next video. It won’t be nice.


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