Who are the best YouTube crypto influencers? Here are my picks!

Let’s say that you are an average adult and you are invited to an elementary school aged birthday party (sounds fun!?) for a child you don’t know too well. Maybe they are your child’s friend, a member of your family, a neighbor or something of that nature. You want to bring a gift, but really don’t know what the kid will like. Would it serve you better to go to a store and pick an item yourself or do you think it would be better if you had a panel of children who could tell you the toys that they like best? The latter option would fare better for most adults with the additional bonus of removing a lot of the stress or anxiety involved with choosing a gift for a kid you may know nothing about.

Why I focus on YouTubers who only talk about crypto. A lot of financial YouTube personalities/influencers/analysts have popped into crypto because of the hype. I choose not to follow these individuals for the same reason I wouldn’t choose an attorney who treats their law practice as a “side hustle.” The mainstream media has missed the crypto boat completely. As a matter of fact, the mainstream media may very well be the worst place to go for financial information as you can find countless stories denigrating crypto while it’s been the best performing asset for the past decade.

For me, watching YouTube influencer videos is like having a panel of experts sharing their opinions, insights, and perspectives. Since many of them are making these channels for their livelihood, I figure that they have better research teams, more industry knowledge, and obviously a big audience to share their influence and ideas with.

Most of the influencers that I follow have grown their subscribed audience 5–10x since I started following them in July of last year. The content is free, and I have learned (and earned) quite a bit by religiously watching the videos and “drinking the kool-aid.” Before I go into my list, I want to give fair warning that many of these influencers get paid to sponsor projects and also are trying to pump their own bags. For these reasons, I try not to buy into specific projects immediately after they discuss a coin or token. I would recommend that you research the project and maybe add it to a watchlist on CoinGecko.

The following list talks a little bit about each person and I rate them on four factors that I will judge 1–10: 

  • Hype level- how excited I feel after watching their videos 
  • Content quality- Are they just reading news articles that I can see on my own or do they have something to add that I may not have thought about? Are they pumping too many projects and just shilling non-stop? 
  • Entertainment value- Do I find myself falling asleep or getting bored when I watch their videos? 
  • Monetary value- Do I find myself making profits and being lead in the right direction from their content? Keep in mind that I subscribe to all of these influencers so I recommend them all.

  1. Benjamin Cowen

Who is Benjamin Cowen? Benjamin is a crypto quantitative analyst with a PHD in engineering. You probably want to see a doctor who is smarter than you, so wouldn’t it make sense to follow someone who understands mathematics better than you? His unique technical analysis and logical approach lend him a lot of credibility and he is the only influencer that I pay premium service for. He has a pragmatic (word that he often uses) approach and focuses on a handful of coins.

Hype Level: 2- Ben is not about pumping coins or promoting dozens of projects. He is very level headed and if he were a car, he would remind me of a Volvo. Not sexy, but extremely reliable and well thought out.

Content Quality: 9- He has few videos that I skip because I can usually pull something away from each video. I like that he doesn’t do paid sponsorships and he usually keeps his videos focused on what the title says.

Entertainment Value: 5- Strictly from an entertainment level, Ben is a little bit dry and mundane and has a lot of graphs (what do you expect from an engineer?). He keeps his videos around 10 minutes and doesn’t do ads.

Monetary Value: 10- Had I just followed one YouTube crypto influencer from from day 1, I would feel extremely comfortable building my portfolio on his picks and the coins that he discusses. He has been spot on and his strategy is conservative and well thought out.

2. BitBoy Crypto

Who is BitBoy Crypto? BitBoy is Ben Armstrong and he’s sort of like your everyday guy who happens to have made millions in crypto. He currently has the most subscribers in the crypto space and he is full of personality and is a likeable person on his channel. He can poke fun of himself and puts himself out there which is a good trait.

Hype Level: 9- BitBoy is great at building hype and instilling confidence in the crypto space. His tone is varied and he speaks with emotion. He makes excellent arguments for specific coins and deserves the following that he has.

Content Quality: 7- He puts out about 3 videos per day and is extremely consistent. I usually will watch one and part of his livestream. I just don’t have that much time to focus on one YouTube influencer. Also, he has ads at the beginning of each video and talks about so many coins that it would be challenging to invest in all of them for the average person.

Entertainment Value: 8- BitBoy is entertaining and fun to watch. He does a great job connecting with his target audience and spends the right amount of time on different subjects while not seeming too structured (although he clearly is very structured).

Monetary Value: 7- I can’t invest in all of the projects that Bitboy discusses. I’m certain that he is getting paid for some of them. However, most of the projects and altcoins that I have invested in after hearing about them on his channel have gone up in value. I never invest right after one of his videos as there is typically a short-term pump followed by a dump. He is transparent with his portfolio, but discusses a lot of projects.

3. Crypto Daily

Who is Crypto Daily? Crypto Daily is hosted by a guy named Cameron. His videos are completely outside of the box. While the name of the channel is daily, videos typically come out weekly. Cameron digs beneath the surface and lays out the crypto narrative in a fun way incorporating memes and characters.

Hype Level: 7- Crypto Daily is a great channel to watch to support your crypto confirmation bias. I love that he’s not always talking about specific coins and focuses more on the big picture and taking a step back to assess the macro markets.

Content Quality: 7- Crypto Daily has good content about the big picture. He doesn’t go into a lot of small projects or altcoins and is more about illustrating the crypto market with broad brush strokes. And while the videos typically come out once a week. there is clearly a lot of effort, thought, and work that goes into each piece.

Entertainment Value: 10- Just watch the video and pay attention to it. They are funny, smart, and have great production value.

Monetary Value: 5- I rarely find individual projects on this channel. However, it does intelligently make me feel that I am investing in the right space.

4. Lark Davis

Who is Lark Davis? Lark Davis is the most famous New Zealander that I know of and has an eccentric wardrobe that most of his audience finds endearing. He makes videos daily about crypto and his positivity is infectious.

Hype Level: 8- Imagine you are giving a presentation and your fly is down the entire time. Afterwards, you notice and feel embarrassed. Lark is the guy who would come up and share some comforting words and make you realize that it wasn’t a big deal and that you did a great job on your presentation.

Content Quality: 7- Lark goes over big picture items and pieces of the news. He does a good job keeping people apprised of the markets and how they behave.

Entertainment Value: 5- It feels like each video follows an identical formula and pattern. He has emotion in his voice, but it’s hard to figure out uniqueness aside from his shirts and positive attitude.

Monetary Value: 7- Lark does sponsored videos and discloses when they are sponsored. He brings up some mainstream projects and some altcoins that I have invested in.

5. Crypto Mobster

Who is Crypto Mobster? Ash Davidson is Crypto Mobster and it sounds like he is Irish. He speaks openly and honestly and brings up a lot of smaller projects that some of the larger influencers miss out on.

Hype Level: 7- Crypto Mobster consistently talks about different projects, but he is very open on whether he owns them or not which I find admirable. He is very clever on how he instills optimism in the crypto market.

Content Quality: 7- I like that he discusses a lot of different small to mid-sized projects. He does an average of one video a day and speaks very matter of factly.

Entertain Value: 6- I wouldn’t say that anything he says is extremely entertaining or funny. But he has an animated tone and treads well in waters that are familiar to him.

Monetary Value: 9- Crypto Mobster has talked a lot about projects that I regrettably didn’t follow him into. I’ve learned my lesson. This guy is great at finding and discussing high value projects that not all of the other influencers are pumping.

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Following the mainstream media about cryptocurrency is like asking a man what kind of bra is the best one and why it’s the best. 

The mainstream media is not equipped with the knowledge of the projects or markets and isn’t qualified to follow in the crypto space. I follow some other influencers like Coin Bureau, DataDash, Altcoin Daily, and Crypto Capital Ventures, but the ones that I have mentioned in this article are the ones that I find the most valuable. Hopefully, you will give them a try. Good luck in your crypto ventures and thank you for reading my article!

This isn’t financial advice and I am not a financial advisor. These are my observations and opinions.

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